Ballooning a house during Antwerp Art Weekend 2021

In the video installation "Ballooning a house" a black sphere is gradually growing like a giant black hole in a life-sized nostalgic home.

We could perceive the growing sphere as a reference to the unstoppable power of nature, which confronts the human urge to organise and define which is symbolized by the house.
Humans only seem to notice their human nullity when the world becomes dark at night. Their focus then shifts from the earthly horizon to the infinity of the universe and reminds them of their place in the galaxy.
With this audiovisual film projection, Daems van Remoortere invite the audience to shift their focus from the earthly horizon into the dark and to rethink our relation with natural forces, our urge to define and classify all and everything in order to understand something much larger than ourselves, as well as our definition of what we call ‘home’.

Do note that Ballooning a house will only play from 21h45–23h during the Antwerp Art Weekend.

inside Stadspark (South-East corner) 

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